Our laceclosures are already customixed and bleached so you can just apply them, no need to maintenance them first!  We Rejuvenate every #Manechicks look with our Premium Human Hair Extensions. Our Indian Wavy extensions are of the best quiality with minimal shedding, tangeling, and is easy to color ( PLEASE ALWAYS SEEK A PROFFESIONAL WHEN INSTALLING, COLORING, OR CUTTING EXTENSIONS). In this quaility over quantity era we live in, we PRIDE ourseleves in offereing amazing hair that last and aids in your #manechick look being flawless! Always brush extensions well before shampoo/conditioning, wrap hair while sleeping even if its in a textured state, if swiming, use a leave in conditioner after rinsing/shampooing well to get all chlorine/salt water from extensions. For natural looking extensions purchase 2 bundles, for a more heavy glamorous look purchase 3 bundles. when purchasing a closure, for lengths under 16" purchase 2 bundles, for anything longer pruchase 3 bundles along with your closure for maximum fullness.

HD Indian Wavy Lace Closure