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The Rejuvenator Hair Oil is a widcraft blend of light weight oils that promotes thick, healthy hair. This oil balances the scalp and hair strands natural ph ( good for exzecma, sosrioses, oily and dry dandruff), invigorates the nerves to promote healthy scalp circulation, mouisturizes, and seals hair strands. The oil can be used as a treament ( under a hair steamer prior to shampooing regimine), as an additive to conditioner ( one drop ixed with conditioner in hand), a hair food in between braids of extensions, a finishing dress ( on hair before and/or after styling).  A little goes a long way, only a few drops each use is necessary.

Rejuvagrow Hair Oil

  • This Oil can be used as a treatment, conditioning additive, or everyday moisturizer. TREATMENT: Put hair in 4 sections/ part 4 sub-sections in each section/ apply oil to dry hair and scalp-root to end in each sub-section/ use steamer or hood dryer for 15 mins/follow with normal shampoo condition regimene. ADDITIVE: Shampoo hair/apply dime size amount of oil to conditioner/apply from root to ends of hair/ sit for 10 mins/rinse/style EVERYDAY: Apply no more than 4 drops in hand/apply from root to ends. (Can be used on extensions as well.)

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